Janine – Big Thai Tits

Janine is probably the sexiest Asian girls on Creampie Thais. She’s built like a whore and fucks like a wild cat. Marriage material? No, speed dial material for those late night drunken, ‘I don’t care if the neighbours hear’ booty calls. If you’re a reader of my blog you know I’m not a fan of the fake tits, but this Thai girl is so fucking sexually hot that she gets a pass and would have a reserved spot on speed dial among the babes with beautifully natural big Thai tits.

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Polly – Tight Asian Pussy

Pollys pretty dang cute. She’s not totally my type, she’s a little too tiny. Petite girls kind of creep me out in print. In person though I’ve known a few small Asian girls who have driven me absolutely mad with lust, I’m just not sure if this small Thai girl is one who would. She definitely has the pre-requisites though. That super tiny, super tight Asian pussy of hers, shaved clean too. I’d be scared to put a finger in there in fear of breaking something let alone my cock which though is not of god like proportions would certainly stuff that thing tight. Damn, some dudes would need a crowbar to get in!

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Taew – Thai Porn Model

Meet Miss Taew, hot ass Thai porn model for the day, back to the bar that night. I have no idea how to pronounce her name but that doesn’t matter. What matters is Miss Unpronounceable is hot as fuck and probably my favourite CPT girl. I want to ravage her so bad it almost hurts to see her get fucked by a cock that isn’t mine.

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Kip – Amazing Asian Ass

Kip is such a little hotty the guys who make Creampie Thais invited her back for a second fuck session. I posted a while back another entry with her, some older pics from the site. She was looking fine back then but now.. amazing. That Asian ass gets all the attention it deserves. You really have to watch her trailer if you haven’t already. One of the finest pieces of Asian porn ever produced that little preview is. As far as Asian asses go this Thai girl has the top 10 I’ve seen. I’m no proctologist so I couldn’t describe the shape of it with any accuracy but I can say that it makes me sprung as fuck and I don’t need a dick doctor to confirm that. Check out her trailer on the tour, it will change your life!

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Nam – Busty Asian Girl

Nam’s not traditionally beautiful or anything but something about her drives me wild. I’d say she’s a great combination of cute and sexy, thanks to that amazingly voluptuous body she has. This is the kind of Asian girl, if you come across her you gotta lock her down. At least til you come across the next busty Asian girl that’s just as hot and fuckable as Nam is. A tough find but the search is what makes life so fun!

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Porn – Thai Chick

This Thai chick is pretty hot, I really love her body. Its kind of a sporty shape or something. Not sure how to describe I just know I want to conquer it and her. She’s pretty too, kind of a nice womanly look to her, the kind of girl that will hold me after sex while I cray and suck my thumb. I just said that in public? That’s alright, my therapist said to talk about my feelings. And I would love to talk about my feelings with her. Like what’s her favourite colour, what are her dreams and ambitions and would she prefer to fuck me on the bar doggystyle or spread eagled on the back of the toilet.

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Kip – Sexy Asian Ass

Meet Kip. Kip is a lot of things. She’s from Thailand so that makes her a Thai girl. Thailand, as you know is in Asia making her an Asian girl. She’s evidently hot, so we could refer to her as a hot girl. She has an amazing ass so, hmm, she’s a nice ass girl? She lets her man fuck her on camera, no condom and allows him the pleasure of pumping her little Asian pussy full of his white man goo, I’d say that qualifies her as a naughty girl, dare I go so far as to say bad girl? So lets recap. Meet Kip, bad ass Thai girl with a brown, sexy Asian ass who fucks like the bad girl she is. Yea, I should have started with that, done away with the long windedness. Suppose I could edit it down…

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Indyah – Reverse Cowgirl

I remember this chick is the reason I started promoting Creampie Thais. That cowboy hat looks so very nice on her and it reminded me of a Thai movie about cowboys. Weird ass flick. But fuck cowboys, lets talk cowgirl and her getting into that position maybe a little Asian reverse cowgirl, and ohhh yes she does. So very nice for the camera. Good little Thai girl!

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XXX Warning XXX

This is an adult porn site. It is not meant for minors which are people under 18 or whatever the age of majority may be in your legal jurisdiction. If you are not legally allowed to be here or are the type to be offended by pornography you must leave now. You are not welcome here. Use the exit link below to restart your quest for whatever it is you seek.

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No doubt the little cutie on the right has caught your eye and if you havn’t already clicked the link you’re wondering more about her. Tussinee is a sweety pie from Thailand, a real farmers daughter who’s decided to make some money modelling and is such a doll in front of the lens she’s ended up with her own website.

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